Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Oh for gross!!"

  Lately I have been feeling like our family has been battling sickness and stomach bugs more than ever. At first it seemed like a mystery to me as to why we keep getting sick, because for the most part we eat really healthy-  beans and rice, lots of fruits, tons of veggies and mostly organic everything.  But yesterday as I was filling up my pot to make some homemade chicken soup I noticed a few unwanted guests in the water... worms  ugg!!
I asked Nate to climb up and take a look at our water box to see if it needed cleaning and this is 

what he found.............

 It turns out that the cap of our water box had been broken and instead of replacing it our 

landlord tried to just cover the hole with a plastic bag. The plastic bag broke leaving our water 

 completely exposed to rain, bugs, birds and anything and everything else that came along.  

 Nate spent the day cleaning out the box and we made sure that everyone took their worm pills. It was a neat opportunity to talk to the kids about sin. I told them like the 

yucky green water sin can also start off as what we think is a very tiny problem that we may not 

even see  but if we do not open our hearts and clean out the "yucky stuff"  we

can be left with a very big problem that can do a lot of damage.

It was a great lesson about how important it is to repent of our sins and ask Jesus to 

cleanse our heart of our own yucky stuff. 

 I love how the Lord can use even the grossest of adventures in our life as an opportunity to 

teach our kids. 


 That was our adventure of the day in a nutshell. I am pretty sure that we don't even have a 

chance of ever having a boring day around here!
Thank You Jesus for protecting us from the "yucky  green stuff" for who knows how long!