Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Upcoming in November...

 Between the  daily life of living in Brazil,  studying, teaching, keeping up with 8 kids, and homeschooling we have been VERY busy to say the least. The church body of Calvary Moçamba has also been busy and we have been blessed to have our doors open everyday. On top of our normal Sunday and Wednesday church services we have had Monday school of discipleship, Tuesday Jujitsu  and ladies bible study, Thursday Jujitsu, ladies art class, and a Foundations of the Faith class, and Friday school of discipleship. The Lord has been raising up leaders in the church to help carry this new work load and we are so excited to see both our personal family and our family in Christ grow and mature daily.  

Reggae for Life 

We are very excited about the upcoming event we will have the opportunity to host here in our town in Florianopolis, Brazil. On November 7, we will be putting on our first annual (Lord willing) “Reggae for Life” event. We will have musical guest Dominic Balli here from California as well as a couple of local christian bands where we expect to have anywhere from 500 to 2500 people attend this event. 
 We ask for your prayers as we make all of the final plans and preparations. We also ask you to be praying that God would bring every person that needs to be at the event and for good weather on that day. The focus of the event is evangelistic as we want to share the love of Jesus and we hope to see many make a decision for Christ. Please pray for the hearts of the people to be prepared to receive the good news, but also that our hearts would be prepared to share God’s heart for the people that are there.
 The last thing we would ask for the event is that you pray for finances in all of the last minute things. We have a few final needs that need to be taken care of, and we would also like to buy bibles to be able to give away to anyone that gets saved that night. If you are interested in helping buy bibles please email me for more information at nateandani@hotmail.com .

Travel Plans

 Our other big prayer request this month is for our family as we travel to the states November 15th. We are very excited for the opportunity to go back with our whole family after 3 and a half years of not visiting. God opened the door for us to be able to buy the tickets and get passports for all the kids and for that we are so grateful! There are however always many financial needs in traveling as we will still be paying our bills in Brazil, but also have new bills in the US for our 6 weeks there. We ask your prayers for financial provision, as well as health and traveling mercies as we travel with 8 kids for almost 30 hours to get to Florida. 
 We know that the Lord has given us this time for our family to be able to visit the US, but it is still difficult to leave the church here for that long. Please be praying for the church body in our absence, especially for Fabio as he oversees the church, and all those that will be teaching during that time. 
 Thank you all for your prayers and your support, we are very excited to see all the wonderful things God is going to do over these next few months, and it is amazing to be able to be apart of His plan here on the earth! We love you and appreciate your heart for the work here, and our family.
Nathan, Dani and kids

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